Benjamin Minixhofer

Benjamin Minixhofer

I’m currently studying Artificial Intelligence at JKU Linz. Previously I worked on simplyfing access to state-of-the-art Deep Learning as Data Science Intern at and worked on Transformers as ML Research Intern at Huawei.

I am especially interested in everything NLP and in Rust as a language for writing fast, correct code.

Some of my projects:

WECHSEL. A method to transfer pretrained language models to a new language. nlprule. A fast, low-resource Natural Language Processing and Error Correction library written in Rust. NNSplit. A library implementing a general framework for semantic text segmentation. GerPT2. A small German GPT2 model. I also trained a large version. tractjs. A library for running ONNX and TensorFlow models client-side in the browser. Built on the awesome tract library and accessible from Javascript. I’ve also been active on Kaggle some time ago.

Feel free to write me an email at bminixhofer at gmail dot com if you’d like to chat about any of the above (or anything else!).