Domain Information Control at Inference Time for Acoustic Scene Classification


Domain shift is considered a challenge in machine learning as it causes significant degradation of model performance. In the Acoustic Scene Classification task (ASC), domain shift is mainly caused by different recording devices. Several studies have already targeted domain generalization to improve the performance of ASC models on unseen domains, such as new devices. Recently, the Controllable Gate Adapter (ConGater) has been proposed in Natural Language Processing to address the biased training data problem. ConGater allows controlling the debiasing process at inference time. ConGater's main advantage is the continuous and selective debiasing of a trained model, during inference. In this work, we adapt ConGater to the audio spectrogram transformer for an acoustic scene classification task. We show that ConGater can be used to selectively adapt the learned representations to be invariant to device domain shifts such as recording devices. Our analysis shows that ConGater can progressively remove device information from the learned representations and improve the model generalization, especially under domain shift conditions (e.g. unseen devices). We show that information removal can be extended to both device and location domain. Finally, we demonstrate ConGater's ability to enhance specific device performance without further training


Shahed Masoudian, Koutini Khaled, Markus Schedl, Widmer Gerhard, Navid Rekab-saz
Domain Information Control at Inference Time for Acoustic Scene Classification
Accepted to the 31st edition of EUSIPCO, 2023.


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